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The Mighty Marguerite

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Growing up in the entertainment industry has a tendency to take its toll on actors- particularly females who have made a brand for themselves off of being adorable. It’s all-too-common a tale told about the child starlet who relied on their megawatt smile until they no longer could, and many actresses who start acting young unfortunately peak early with their first performance being their best. However, when it comes to “Mighty Ducks” star Marguerite Moreau, that stereotype actually couldn’t be further from the case.

​Not that the captivating Disney franchise star isn’t cute. In fact, if her cult hit “Wet Hot American Summer” and it’s reboot miniseries taught us anything, it’s that the gorgeous actress simply doesn’t age, and she may very well be even more beautiful now than she was at the start of her career- with her own megawatt smile not only still perfectly intact, but also so unbelievably bright that earth could save on electricity by getting her to use it to light up every room. Nearly 30 years in the business, and Moreau certainly hasn’t lost that spark, quick to make audiences wonder if there may very well be a painting rotting in an attic somewhere that keeps the gorgeous actress looking so impossibly youthful and stunning.

​But, while the twinkly-eyed star’s beauty seems to only have multiplied through the years , so has her talent. Make no mistake- Moreau may still be cute as a button, and certainly still easy to love for indulging the nostalgia factor and giving details on her hit film franchise, as well as her roles on past hits like “Boy Meets World” and “Blossom,” but at the end of the day, the captivating beauty is in fact, a real actress- never once resting on her smile, her past hits, or her “brand” to carry her. A true dramaturge, Moreau has more than done her homework.

​While many actors that start young get sloppy in honing their craft later on- always looking for the next on-brand leading role that will solidify their stardom, Moreau is a risk-taker that frequently ventures down the path less traveled, exploring meaty guest parts on acclaimed hits like “Mad Men,” and “Lost,” while joining improv groups and theater companies outside of Hollywood in efforts to grow as an actress. Yes, you just read that right- a beautiful actress who got her start as a pre-teen in a huge blockbuster franchise works on her career with theater and improv! A thespian through and through, the former “Mighty Ducks” star has actually never again played a character similar to Connie, and as far as “building a brand” goes, every performance she has given is diverse from one another, demonstrating the wide-range and versatility the California native possesses.

​Take her famed “Wet Hot American Summer” role; Katie. On the surface, the cutesy character may very well seem like the obvious choice for an actress that got her start as the quintessential dream girl in an otherwise all male children’s movie. After all; Katie was the sweetheart of Camp Firewood, so it would make perfect sense for one of America’s most formidable sweethearts to slide into her shoes. That is, until audiences catch wind of the fact that the sweet-smiled camper is actually the dream girl from hell- quick to stomp on hearts with an alluring giggle. In many ways, it seemed as though after almost a decade of trying to be what Hollywood intended her to be with cutesy roles in projects like “The Mighty Ducks,” “Blossom,” and “3rd Rock From The Sun,” Moreau used her “Wet Hot American Summer” on-screen persona not only to lampoon the idea of her being “America’s Sweetheart,” but to use Katie to break the box she had been pigeonholed into, tearing it apart as she more than held her own amongst a master class of talent like Chris Meloni, Bradley Cooper, and Paul Rudd. In doing so, she proved that she was far more than just “cute,” perfectly conquering the tongue-in-cheek satire of the clever film while demonstrating expert comedic timing, slaughtering the idea of her only being simply “the pretty, cute girl.”

And if that wasn’t enough to put the final nail in the coffin of Moreau being merely reduced to her toothy smile, the intuitive actress officially killed that perception shortly thereafter with her performance in the gripping 2004 version of “Helter Skelter.” Dedicated to a fault and known for being a reader, the devoted artist immersed herself in research on the famed case in order to play deranged “good little girl gone bad” Sadie Atkins- another role that seemed tailor made for an actress looking to debunk any sweetheart stigmas. A true tour de force in the film, Moreau should have easily won an Emmy for her performance (or at the very least, garnered a nomination,) as her portrayal still to this day goes down in history as the greatest depiction ever of a Manson family member- and that’s actually saying a lot considering there have been well over a dozen Manson films and TV shows, with three out just this past summer alone.

​While Katie may have very well been the gripping actress’s way of destroying the sweetheart persona through comedy, Sadie was Moreau’s true time to shine, allowing the fascinating artist to truly prove to the world that she was being underestimated. Another twisted take on the cutesy dream girl role, the diabolical true crime character was the perfect part for the gifted artist to transform the way audiences saw her. Somewhat miscast as the homely and erratic Atkins, the luminous star in theory seemed a bit too beautiful and polished for the role- until she somehow made the character her own, replacing the haphazard and whiney nature of Atkins with a dark, evil confidence and open lack of empathy that somehow actually seemed more in tune with prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s harrowing tale. In fact, Moreau was so good that it seems as though all other actresses who have taken the role since then use her portrayal for research, rather than the real girl.

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